IRIDOLOGIST: EF van der Lith (PhD)
Herbhealth BIORES
Reinold Voll was another pioneer in die field of electro-therapy and
very relevant to the AMD BIORES. Born in 1909 in Berlin Germany,
the son of an architect, he developed an interest in electronics
which led to hid groundbreaking work in electro-therapy. He studied
further and became a general practitioner and acupuncturist. Dr.
Voll developed is system of electro dermal testing which he called Electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) during 1953. EVA involved measuring electrical parameters at acupuncture points. These electrical parameters were analyzed and then acupuncture treatment was applied. Voll assumed that if the body was healthy that there should be no deviation from a standard electrical reading. The EVA protocol entailed taking measurements from approximately 800 test points. Dr. Voll experimented on many thousands of patients with known pathology, utilizing clinical observation and pathological testing he found that indeed there was a direct relationship between electrical deviation and pathology. Voll made these discoveries using an early forerunner to the A.M.D. BIORES utilizing an instrument that he called the Diatherapuncteur with an engineer called Dr. Fritz Werner.This early instrument was calibrated from 0-100 with 50 being the healthy point.

In 1955 Dr Voll released the Diatherapuncteur and his methods of analysis to a wider audience. He taught his techniques to doctors and acupuncturists. A few years later Dr Voll discovered that it was possible to test the effectiveness of medications by changing the energetic status of an imbalanced organ or system. As with many of the great discoveries over the ages it was by chance that this occurred. This is how Dr. Voll described it.  “I diagnosed one colleague as having chronic prostatitis and advised him to take a homoeopathic preparation called Echinacea 4x. He replied that he had this preparation in his office and went to get it. When he returned with the bottle of Echinacea in his hand, I tested the prostrate point again and made the discovery that the point reading which previously was up to 90 had decreased to 64, which was an enormous improvement of the prostrate value. I had the colleague put the bottle aside and the previous measurement value returned. After holding the medication in his hand the measurement value went down to 64 again, and this pattern repeated itself as often as desired.”

This discovery meant that from then on non-acupuncturists were able to prescribe preparations, resulting in a far greater impact. Dr. Voll devoted many years to this research and founded the association for Electro-Acupuncture and was their president until 1972, when he was appointed honorary president.

The association has members in many countries and offers training and workshops. Unfortunately Dr. Voll’s groundbreaking word has been largely ignored by mainstream medicine which is the poorer for that.

Dr. A.P. De Nysschen was the first doctor to bring this methodology to South Africa where he continued the research locally. At first he used imported SEMI-ACUTEST from the SWISS ELECTRONID MEDICAL COMPANY, and became extremely successful in his practice on the East Rand. He later commissioned the making of locally built EVA instrument.

VEGA TESTOMG is the system used by the A.M.D. BIORES and this method operates under the premise that different resonances within the body can by measured and interpreted and in this way it is possible to unlock the mysteries of stress and disease. VEGA testing is bio-energetic testing and measures the body’s energetic flow. A safe and painless low voltage electrical charge is introduced into the body by way of a copper electrode held in the hand and the machine precisely measures the level of current at preset acu-test points via a test stylus.

The fundamental principles behind VEGA testing ar. based on the principle that the human body has paths of energy flow and imbalances are caused by disruptions to this flow. Too much or too little energy affects the body’s alignment. The A.M.D. HEALTH BIORES is a result of over fifty years of research into biofeedback testing. VEGA devices are currently used by practitioners in Germany, France, England, Canada, the USA as well as South Africa.

VEGA testing operates by means of the test stylus assessing the degree of electrical resistance at the test point. This resistance is related to the resonance within the body and indicates the condition of the organ or system under test. All matter in the universe resonates at certain frequencies. It appears that the space between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere forms a huge resonant cavity and has the space/shape that gives it a frequency of 7.83 Hz and this frequency is called the ‘Schumann Resonance.” The principle is that ‘like attracts like”. It may be described in the same manner as when an opera singer breaks a wine glass merely by the pitch (frequency) of her voice, or when a tuning fork is struck any other similar object vibrates at the same frequency. In the same manner different parts of our bodies, physical, mental and emotional resonate to different frequencies. The A.M.D. HEALTH BIORES is also able to analyze the efficacy of a particular remedy for an individual patient.

When used correctly VEGA testing is non-invasive and there are no side effects. During testing there is no pain and no electrical impulses are felt.
Vega testing is able to ascertain levels of both acquired and inherited toxicity. Energy levels of the organ being tested are determined. Blockages of energy flow are shown. Food allergies and foods that should be avoided or included in the diet are suggested. Heavy metal and radiation build up as well as environmental sensitivities become apparent. Allergies and sensitivities may be tested.
The AMD Health Biores machine
The AMD Health Biores machine