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Iridology is the term used to describe the study of the iris of the eye.

The eye is the window of the soul and by studying the texture and colour of the eye, most of the normal diseases could be detected.

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About Iridology

Reinold Voll was another pioneer in die field of electro-therapy and

very relevant to the AMD BIORES. Born in 1909 in Berlin Germany,

the son of an architect, he developed an interest in electronics

which led to hid groundbreaking work in electro-therapy. He studied

further and became a general practitioner and acupuncturist. Dr.

Voll developed is system of electro dermal testing which he called Electro-acupuncture according to Voll (EAV) during 1953. EVA involved measuring electrical parameters at acupuncture points. These electrical parameters were analyzed and then acupuncture treatment was applied.

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